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Thyroid Medication

Posted by @uselpmom, Jul 19, 2013

Mayo Clinic burned out my thyroid in 1988 or 89. Reason: I had thyroid surgery locally and it still left me with highly overactive thyroid and graves disease. Mayo fixed both very well. A couple of years ago, my local Dr. changed my thyroid medicine from Synthroid .125 to .100. I was at Mayo in 2010 and the Dr. said the .100 was okay–that everything was normal. However, I have just had a blood test locally, andthe S-TSH is 0.43 (Range 0.35-4.94); the T3Free is 2.30 (Range 1.71-3.71); However, the FT4 is 1.75 H (Range 0.70-1.48). Due to Medicare and other meds being so expensive (Spiriva and Benicar), I elected to try the Synthroid Generic (Levothyroxine). This blood test was done prior to the start of the generic. Would like to know first, about the high (1.75 H) FT4 portion. What does that mean? and second, is the .100 of the generic still the medication of choice. Note to Mayo: I have my Mayo number if it is needed to search my files. Thank you.

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Posted by @anon30885749, Jul 29, 2013

I’ve been on thyroid meds for over ten years but nothing was worse than my two years trying the generic. I was in and out of the hospital and couldn’t control my levels. My doctor said that the generics aren’t regulated like the name brand Synthroid. I pay more out of pocket but it is well worth it.

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