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Thyroid? Cancer? Something else?

Posted by @rjboo, Jun 2, 2012

Okay, so far my knowledge is limited due to this all just occurring!
At an annual gyn appt. I was sent off for blood work to check my thyroid levels and have an ultrasound done, then follow up with an ENT. (past history of nodules found with no issues to be concerned with). I had the stuff done, just had my ENT appt. He was very limited in information, sent me on for more blood work and an MRI with contrast, a day later I received another order for yet more blood work to be done? All he told me was “There are multiple nodules on the thyroid, they do not concern me. I would like to further check into some swollen lymp node areas” and so here I am. It has taken a full week to get everything done, and its Friday so I know I will not hear anything until next week now.
Here are my symptoms and some history;
I am 45y old.
I had a radical hyst. 5y ago due to endo/ad., I have a past with Lyme and co infection treatments (which I thought had been cured), treatments finished 2y. I suffer from; Migraines, Inflammatory disease/RA? Lupus? no answers there to date, I have been to 3 Rhuemies, and I have had terrible pain, swelling and still now answers. I have OA, and bone spurs all down my spine, hips and who knows where else! My pain cycles, some days I am fine, others I can’t move without pain! Most of my symptoms decreased with the co infection/lyme treatments-treated for all of these for upto 2 years! Since age 35 I have been a mess! and never get definiate answers! I’ve been diagnosed and diagnosed, but nothing ever works or something else appears! I am finially almost med free! My only meds now are tramadol for the joint pain when needed and imitrex as needed for migraines.
Excessive sweating! (which I thought maybe was from meno? but, had been done with all that for about a year?) I cannot deal with anything over 65 degrees, w/o being soaked with sweat!
Exhausted beyond belief!
Losing my hair by the handfuls! (actually get bald spots!) so far it always grows back.
raspy voice (big change! )
focus/concentration/memory are shot!
ringing in my ears is constant
vision is deminishing
feels like I have a golf ball stuck in my throat
constant cough
ear pressure
and a flat red patch on my chest/neck?
also have a huge purple patch of skin on my lower back and buttocks?
neck pain/(from spurs?)
muscle spasms
weight loss, (Nov to present-170 to now 155 and no not dieting)
prior I had gained 20 lbs, so?
tingling in my right hand, my pointer and thumb have been numb for about 3 months?Am I unnecessarily worrying? Everything I look up points to cancer!?
I am terrified! and sick with worry! Any advice? I am so sick of Drs. and so just want to move on with my life! Please send any/all advice, I am at a loss and I am feeling so alone and scared 🙁


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