Thyroid cancer: What options should I consider after surgery?

Posted by shellburger @shellburger, Jun 13, 2022

I had my thyroid removed last month. I am a 66 year old woman. It was stage 1 thyroid cancer. The endocrinologist is recommending I get radiation as a precaution to get rid of any leftover cancer cells that might still be hanging around. I would prefer to wait on the radiation for 6 months, 1 year or longer.
Question….. Would it be a bad idea to wait on the follow up radiation treatment and might waiting lead to a big risk of the cancer spreading?
Thank you

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Hi @shellburger, I might suggest having further conversation with your oncology team to weigh the pros and cons of having radiation or not since the factors for you might be very different from someone else. For example, I would ask:
– What were the surgical margins? i.e., was the cancer removed with a wide margin beyond the tumor?
– What is the risk of recurrence with radiation vs without vs waiting for 6 months?
– What radition protocol do you recommend? (How many days for how long?)
– What are the potential side effects?

@sanctuary1 @nancirae may be able to add additional thoughts or experiences.

Shell, may I ask why you're hesitant to have radiation or why you wish to wait?

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