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Thyroid and BP

Posted by @inoidzervit in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Aug 30, 2011

I have been diagnosed with an under active thyroid. I have been on medication for years. Over the last year or so my BP Has been steadily on the rise. Leading to my dr. Putting me on atenolol. She also stated that I had been taking my thyroid meds incorrectly, ie. With other meds, and inconsistently. I have changed the way I take my thyroid meds (levothyroxine .75mcg) to consistently around 10am. I also take my atenolol at 6am, due to having some side affects. I have noticed lately that i have been having heart palps (more so in the evening) and increased anxiety. One of the things my dr had mentioned was that my thyroid could now be over active. But according to her, the blood tests were within normal limits. When I took the blood tests I had not taken my thyroid meds for two days, which I informed her of.

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Posted by @inoidzervit, Aug 30, 2011

My post cut me off, I am sorry.

When looking over the results I saw that my T3 results were slightly elevated. My question is, could my thyroid be causing the heart issues? And could taking the levothyroxine be aggravating the issue? Are there any suggestions on how to deal with this and how to explain all of this to my dr? Any help and input is greatly appreciated.

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