Thumb surgery

Posted by anniebrook @anniebrook, Apr 10, 2019

I had my Left thumb operated on 10 yrs ago for joint replacement using the tendon from my inner forearm. It went well although I was warned I would only get 70% strength back which I did but no pain so BONUS ! My right one however did not go well and 8 yrs later I am in more pain than ever,I can't even wipe the counter tops down without being in terrible pain. I have been back to the hand surgeon a few times who just sent me for a new brace then an xray with a shot into the area where it doesn't hurt and nowhere near where it does. I am 65ys old ,have put this pain for 8yrs and it is getting worse with each yr.Has anyone any advice what to do next.I am in BC,Canada where hands are done by a plastic surgeon,not sure whther it's the samein the US or if you guys get Ortho surgeons ?


I have one I bought at Walmart but I find them hard to work in. Only wear them when they are at worst and I'm afraid I'll hit my thumb on something that will cause pain that I don't want to go through.

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@tennbee That's when I wear mine And at night also so don't hit headboard or something

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