Through struggle we found a rainbow....

Posted by Lisa with Rainbow Hair Hats @thefincks, Jan 23 7:44pm

Hi all,
New here. My daughter started having seizures at 7 wks old and she is now 6 (7 in Aug). We have been through so much over the last 6 years, but we are trying to find the light in it all. As someone who has had to watch my baby, now little girl, have countless tests, med changes, Dr. appts and so on we have been able to find something that brings us a little control over a situation that is totally out of our control. I have started a company called Rainbow Hair Hats inspired by my epilepsy warrior and the EEG testing she has done (we call it getting her rainbow hair due to the colored wires) and I'm hoping you all might be able to help me with feedback. Our dream is to be provided by hospitals someday, and have insurance pay since the last thing that we need as families of epileptics is one more thing to have to buy. If you are willing please fill out my survey I will use this information when I go to facilities and show them our item. The survey can be found on our @rainbowhairhats FB page since I can't post the link on here.

Thank you all for reading and hopefully considering helping us with the survey.

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Survey replied @rainbowhairhats with much pleasure!!!!

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