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Posted by @strongenough2011 in Just Want to Talk, Sep 19, 2011

Has anyone been diagonsed with this and if so, what symptoms do you have? I was told last week that my platelets were "off", and I had to get them rechecked. I am awaiting those results to see if they are ok or still dropping. I am very tired all the time, have lost 10 pds so far since Jan, swollen lymph nodes, itchy skin and occasional night sweats.

I have had a lymph node bioposy that ruled out Lymphoma but I have not had any bone marrow tested for it. Is this condition related to the bone marrow and if so should I ask to get my bone marrow tested to be 100% sure that there is no cancer and that it is not misdiagonised?

Tags: Blood Disorder


Posted by @carollamagdeleine, Nov 19, 2012

HOW DID YOU MAKE OUT WITH THIS? I was diagnosed with Primary Polycythemia Vera last friday, and it is similar. Did you have a bone marrow test? I hope to hear from you. My name is Lynn. Thank You.


Posted by @strongenough2011, Apr 11, 2013

hey, it has kinda went away but I am still brusing very easily. I can just bump into something and bruise. The hematologist says there is nothing wrong everytime I go see him even though my legs looks bad with brusies....guess I will start taking iron again to see it helps.....howr u doing?

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