throat pinch

Posted by fde11 @fde11, Oct 29, 2020

hello, lately i have been feeling a pinch in my throat, 3 to four times a day, if i google i read so many bad things, i was wondering if anyone else has or had the same issue as me, ty

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@fde11, can you describe the sensation you have in your throat a bit more? Is it inside your throat or outside? Where in the throat? Is it only on one side? Does it hurt when you swallow?

Not that any of us could actually diagnose what you might have, but it would help to hear more to know if anyone has had a similar issue.


@fde11 I noticed that you had not responded to Colleen's questions and I wanted to check in and see how you were doing? It sounds like you are having different symptoms in different parts of your body. This must be extremely uncomfortable and nerve-racking.

The symptoms you describe so far do not point to a direct source but you are taking the proper steps in order to take the lead on your care.

I saw that you were seeing a neurologist October 27th. May I ask how the appointment went and if you are any closer to answers?

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