Have you encountered brain difficulties because of epilepsy/seizures?

Posted by kevinkelley @kevinkelley, Oct 23, 2015

Those with Epilepsy/seizures, have you encountered any brain difficulties because of ….that you care to share with others of whom have …..?

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Hello to everyone…Those with Epilepsy/Seizures, the difficulties any of you have with Memory, of which has become a giant diff.of mine, and the remedies you’ve found in dealing with memory… The medicine I now take for my Epilepsy is LAMICTAL XR and with that, the side effects any of you have encountered…Epilepsy and those various things used in the attempt for the cure, I seem to have used a ‘GREAT many’, if anyone has a particular question on one will be glad to give my experience…


@kevinkelley do you use memory aids or brain training to help with memory difficulties?

I found a list of helpful (and easy) things you can do here: http://www.epilepsysociety.org.uk/memory-aids-reminders-and-brain-training#.VjOSirfntD8

What memory situation do you encounter most often and what trick do you use?

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