Thomas Jefferson’s Civil Acceptance of Conflicting Opinions

Posted by Ron Rubenzer @user_cha272278, Feb 28, 2019

Thomas Jefferson’s Acceptance of “Opinions”. His mantra for accepting another’s attitude … “It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” (Notes, 1784). If you find someone’s opinion doesn’t agree with yours, ask yourself- am I being robbed or injured? Then apply the Five Second rule of Stress- let it go like a hot potato. If you have a partner, you can honestly expect to be right HALF THE TIME (the other person, the Other Half). I'd rather be happy than right at home. "Conflict IQ" is an adult skill, learning to negotiate compromise.

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@debbraw I'm grateful today to see a Dr. not the one about my test but my leg now . He isn't my pcp but at least seeing someone today . If he can tell me test results I,ll reply

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