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This Morning as I read the word of God and did my

Posted by @justanothernumber, Dec 13, 2012

This Morning as I read the word of God and did my morning prayers I felt a warmth come over me and I felt so Blessed to be alive.
Many changes have happened over the last couple of Months and it was so wonderful to return to God and Surrender my intire life over to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The State where things happened that is just so unbelievable in which on the direct orders of its medicaid leader Dr’s would not treat me and then refused to send my medical records until they went paperless thus destroying the original medical records and then sent records that were so over falsified that it would be laughable if not for my heath,What they did not know is that I have all of the original pharmacy records which proved that everything that was stated was an outright lie. But I was blessed with a great Dr and soon we will know what is causing me to drop atleased 1 to 2 pounds a day. It was great to see my Dr today and I just felt so good in my heart when leaving the Mayo Clinic today.They are the kindest people that ive been so blessed to know and my Dr is simply a Good and Decent Man and is really working overtime to help me to over come the many heath issues that were put on his plate with falsified medical records making his job that much more difficult to do and I just have so much Thanks to my Dr and everyone at the Mayo Health Clinic, They are always in my prayers and soon I will be healed and then I will begin working on getting the Church ‘Calvary On The Hill’ Christian Fellowship up and on the go so that we can help those in need,feed the hungry,help the homeless and work hard to help our community and those in need. Also as a servent of Jesus Christ I hope to bring as many people as possible to know our Lord.I will keep everyone informed as to my blood work and so on,God Bless You All and God Bless The Mayo Health Clinic.
Pastor Ron Grim


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