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Think positive, don't panic. Lots of people recover completely when the problem

Posted by @conchgma, Nov 20, 2011

Think positive, don’t panic. Lots of people recover completely when the problem is found early and if necessary, try to look to control the condition if it can’t be totally cleared. My husband’s was pretty bad when found almost two years ago and he had extensive surgery three times, each approx. three months apart, followed by BCG treatments but still had the problem after a year of that, with very heavy bleeding at times. He decided against additional surgery, chemo or radiation and we are presently just doing natural/alternative treatments; Budwig cottage cheese & flax oil, IP-6, LifeOne, various vitamins & supplements, etc., along with organic food and trying to keep his ph balanced as cancer loves an acid environment. Staying away from sugar & refined carbs is very important. He seems to be doing well at this point after about nine months of this lifestyle. There are a number of things you can do now to supplement the treatment your husband is getting and which will not have any adverse effect, only positive. I have spent many, many hours on the computer sorting through alternative treatments, standard medical treatments, plus reading many books, speaking with doctors, etc., and am much more comfortable dealing with the situation than I was two years ago. It might help you, also, to feel more confident the more you learn about the condition. He now feels good & life is somewhat normal. The cancer is still there, we know that, but we are dealing with it day by day. A positive outlook is very important! He just said this morning that he feels better than he has felt in several years, so hopefully we are doing something right. Of course, lots of prayer helps, too. Good luck, God bless. Write anytime. I hope the news from the biopsy is really good. @barbim816



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Posted by @barbim816, Nov 21, 2011

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have just started doing research and it is a bit overwhelming.

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