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Things two year old shove up their noses

Posted by @joshuascott in About Kids & Teens, Aug 4, 2012

My son has been shoving this foam material up his nose for several weeks, mostly easily removed. Recently his nose had an odor to it and it was constantly runny. We made a dr. ap as we assumed it was infected and something was still up there. He is highly independent and hasnt been to many dr's so this spooked him out. We held him down and he fought tooth and nail; this spooked the nurses assistant. We put him on antibiotics, to kill the infection and my wife took him to ear, nose and throat specialist - sans myself. They were able to get a large portion of this material out but there is concern there is more up there but, unfortunately, the Dr. wasn't able to do it without him entering the O.R. and being anesthetized. I am VERY nervous about this and more so because of his age and the fact that I am not allowed to stay in him (despite there being no incision). I am seeing many improvements and don't know whether this is even necessary (anesthesia), aside from "sneezing" tricks and mouth-to-mouth, are than any alternatives to preventing my son being anesthetized for such a case?


Posted by @joshuascott, Aug 7, 2012

I have decided against a visit to the O.R. My son has had amazing recovery and I am glad I opted to not do anything rash. As parents, its easy for us to flip out and rush into decisions not clearly thought out. Despite a lack of responses from this website - and others - I feel I made the smart decision to do nothing.

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