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The way my physician explained IBS: she stated that if I feel

Posted by @inhiscare2, Feb 26, 2012

The way my physician explained IBS: she stated that if I feel relief after having a bile movement, she stated that would be IBS.

I have chronic and acute pancreatitis. With chronic pancreatitis: I started having very severe abdominal pain, just doubled over. I began having severe diarrhea, upper abdominal pain, nausea, black tarry stools, weight loss. I would wake up with very severe gut pain and I honestly, don’t know how I was able to work. It got to where I couldn’t eat much except for chicken broth and crackers.

With Pancreatitis, your stool’s have a distinct odor) . If you notice that your stools have an oily film in the stool, the foods that have any amount of fat in it, is not digesting. –

is vitally important that if you have Pancreatitis, you should be on a “no fat” diet because your pancrease does not have the ability to break down the fats. I am taking Creon which is enzymes to help with digestion of foods. I have periods of hospitalizations due to the pancreatic pain and the other symptoms is diarrhea, nausea, weight loss, (tarry stools are gone now), my stomach hurts when I eat or drink but it isn’t always after eating or drinking. It can happen anytime.

Your Dr. can perform tests to determine whether or not you have pancreatitis. The pancrease stores all of our body’s enzymes to help us digest foods. With pancreatitis, I am on a strict diet. I made a choice to take out all of my “comfort” foods because of my health. Anyone who has this disease has probably done the same. Otherwise, it is a very deadly disease and a person deals with very servere pain.

It is a horable disease of which, would be great to find support with those that have pancreatitis. @just


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