The (despicable) Donut Hole is leaving!

Posted by oldkarl @oldkarl, Feb 15, 2018

I received this in the emails this morning from \"Everyday Health\". From Congress:

3. No More Medicare Part D Drug “Doughnut Hole”
Most Medicare Part D prescription drug plans have a coverage gap, referred to as the doughnut hole. This means that after patients and their Medicare insurance providers spend a certain amount of money, drugs are no longer covered and people have to pay out of pocket until they reach a certain limit. After that, catastrophic coverage kicks in. People in the doughnut hole experienced heightened barriers to their treatments because medications suddenly became more expensive. The Affordable Care Act has been decreasing the out-of-pocket amount gradually, but this new legislation drops it entirely. (This is across the board, not just for drugs for autoimmune diseases.)

When does it go into effect? January 1, 2019.

YIPPEEEEE! I think. I don\'t know what the down-side of this is.

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