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Thanks so much for that. I am so sorry to hear that

Posted by @sgsheets, Jul 27, 2012

Thanks so much for that. I am so sorry to hear that your family has so many with IBD. My daughter had pneumonia and was on antibiotics which gave her bad diarrhea. After being off the antibiotics the other symptoms remained. I had known for a few months before this that she did not look well and had the Dr do a blood test. Her iron level was zero but hemoglobin was 10. The admitted her for malabsorption and ran a bunch of tests to find the cause. She has started Remicade ( only the first 3 infusion) but is starting to have some stomach issues so I don’t really think it is working. We sent a stool sample in today for cal protectin (sp) test. We will have those results in a week. Just today we are going gluten and sugar free to see if that makes a difference. I plan to slowly wein her off dairy too. It’s not a great diet for a very skinny 12 year old but if the medicines are not working, I have nothing to lose. Can I ask, do you or any others in your family who have had Crohn’s for some time have children? Did you have those children after diagnosis? Thanks again for the information.


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