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Thanks for the friend invite! :) Very discouraged with doctors who refuse

Posted by @blessyngs, Aug 8, 2011

Thanks for the friend invite! 🙂 Very discouraged with doctors who refuse to give my husband a diagnosis. He just turned 63, and has serious short term memory loss. He is no longer able to drive (has no idea where he is) and I recently had to stop him from cooking soup! He forgets and is forever setting off smoke alarms. He is agitated most days, calls me names, blames me for everything. My self-esteem is almost gone. 🙁 Sometimes it seems like he is just faking, but most of the time, his memory problems are unmistakeable. His memory problems started 10 years ago. He has had extensive testing done, but not recently, due to not having any medical insurance. He was fired from his job in 2008 for being to forgetful. Just not sure how much longer I can deal with him. Does it matter if it’s dementia or AD? I am aware that dementia is the leading cause of AD. He is not on any medication because no one will give him a diagnosis! I wish the Alzheimers Assoc. gave free evaluations!!

I have Fibromyalgia, and other types of chronic pain. I am 56 years old. I also have untreated hypothyroidism. It was under control till we lost our insurance. I have a difficulty sleeping, and am just a wreck! I’ve gained a lot of weight due to the thyroid issue.

I am also an RMA, and a CNA. I am not able to work anymore either. @leoreynaverin



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Posted by @lolokimo, Aug 8, 2011

I understand your position, well, B 12, large doses. Androgen, if you can get it. They have NO cure YET. They have been studying it hard, many free clinics have opened, using experimental drugs, i know two people who are doing that. Find out if it is short term, get an MRI, see if there is scaling on the brain.That will tell you alot. Scaling means alsheimers. They have reached a point where they can “arrest it” but not reverse it. Sadly, somewhere on this planet, there probably is a cure. Time will tell. Be carefull what meds you give him.


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Posted by @rsharanya, Aug 8, 2011

While you are getting medical suggestions,I would suggest deep breathing with mouth closed .It is called Bhastrika in Yoga and may help open up any blockage.Start of gradually as he may feel dizzy with very heavy practice
I hope he recovers quickly

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