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Wendy Wustenberg

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Thanks for the affirming words. I see you are in Utah. Might

Posted by @wendywustenberg, Jul 14, 2011

Thanks for the affirming words. I see you are in Utah. Might i ask what your relationship is with Mayo? It appears that we are among the first to take advantage of this new virtual community and you are, officially, my first “friend.” My interest parallels yours. I’m fascinated with the potential of social media to improve health outcomes for people, and therefore had to get hands-on with it myself. I’m on a medical leave from finishing a graduate degree at the U of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs, focused on how to engage people in participatory processes. This heart disorder slowed life down enough to really think about that from differing perspectives. Life takes us on much more interesting educational ventures than any we could ever plan. @dagoldsmith


David Goldsmith

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Posted by @dagoldsmith, Jul 14, 2011

Thank you for your note, Wendy. It’s nice to be connected. I have a professional relationship with Mayo in that my company developed this site and worked with Mayo to bring it to market. But I have a personal interest as well, having been a caregiver to family members coping with cancer and heart disease. Though I’m sorry to hear you heart disorder has slowed you down, it’s wonderful that you’re channeling your energy into your studies and interests in participatory medicine. I recently had an opportunity to spend time with Jessie Gruman, author of Aftershock and the founder of the Center for Advancing Health. She has a remarkable story to tell and is the penultimate engaged patient. Are you familiar with her?

And yes, plenty of curve balls in life. I hope yours is only a temporary setback and that your return to health is steady and complete.



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