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Thanks 4 accepting my friend request :) Nice 2 meet u!

Posted by @lorena in Just Want to Talk, Aug 13, 2011

Thanks 4 accepting my friend request 🙂
Nice 2 meet u! @dlayport


Posted by @luckysob, Aug 19, 2011

The sun always shines somewhere. Flowers bloom everywhere. Dogs wag their tails. Babies smile and cry when they need something and we are all important in the mix of life. We mean something to those we know and those we have not yet met. So we keep swimming through the currents of our life touching many while many touch us. Faith is enduring and not to be lost. Your purpose is not to be questioned, Your hope never diminished. Forget fear. Today is not the beginning of the rest of your life -- today is your whole life! If you have a good day you have had a good life. A great day is a great life. A rotten day is a rotten life. Avoid the latter at all costs. You say writing helps ... write more. Maybe you've got a book in you. Maybe a pome. An observation shows you that your eyes and mind are working. Let your heart and feelings work, too.
Bless us all.

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