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Thank you for your advise Delia, i need to find some time

Posted by @yea in Just Want to Talk, Dec 13, 2011

Thank you for your advise Delia, i need to find some time for this in my day, the problem is having enough left for me. @deliasanderson


Posted by @deliasanderson, Dec 13, 2011

life does get very hard at times. your partner is trying to support all of you but it's unfortunate that this may be threatened because of his moods. all i can say is focus some quality time on your children. remember, things can always get worse so when you think things are bad, if you don't do something to help the situation, then they will get worse. your teen needs to go back to school. if he does not listen to you and take on his responsibilities as a student, call the school and talk to a counselor . remember, you are the parent and if your husband is having enough trouble trying to bring in the money, then you need to take the role of getting your son off to school and insuring the others are also doing for themselves what it is they can. if you help them to take care of themselves, you will feel good about this and this will help you to function better.

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