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Testosterone Levels

Posted by @calmcoolandcrazy, Jan 5, 2012

I’m a 37 yr old male. As part of a checkup my Dr ran a testosterone test.
I’ve been a little sluggish, less energy, concentration issues and less drive. Everything else was normal. My testosterone count was 275. It was on the low end, but still in the normal range. He told me that my normal may be different from another persons normal. Now…if it’s the first time I have been tested…how does he know that is my normal?



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Posted by @miami, Jan 10, 2012

I have the same problem, but I’m zero I’m thinking about injecting some T . This I believe will help with my energy that I. Need I’m 62


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Posted by @savanti, Jan 25, 2012

Hi, I’m 50 all is fine. Let talk about checks and balances between the brain and the body. The body is really on its own, so to speak, however the brain working with the body are connected through a series of balances and checks. to get the drive back you need interaction with people on a high level. You need to be positive in all situations. Stop beleiving everything you hear, for example, “MEN SHOULDN’T TAKE HOT BATHS” I take at least four hot baths a week and have my whole life. there isn”t this eat certain things, take certain vitamins. You have to go out to places and relax, don’t expect something to happen, just relax and let the things around you take you in, before long the brain will reconnect with things and you will feel it happen. My wife after 30 years is like WOW what are you doing, our love making is great, and your thing is huge. So, the answer to your problem is to forget the problem and get active in your life. Look when a gland in the body stops producing the brain gets a signal to activate that gland. But, if the brain isn’t connecting with an activity relating to what the perpose of that is used for, then there is a good chance the brain isn’t going to respond.
I also beleive the brain is super efficient, when you slow down or stop using a part of the brain and body, the brain will conserve energy by shutting down things. this can happen at any age. Go mingle, go connect, go walk through a Mall, when you make eye contact, make a little smile wihout intentions. I naturally have a smile and you wouldn’t beleive how many women smile at me, I really didn’t put together until my wife pointed it out.
Go to Victoria Secret and you’ll get a boost. Just don’t sit on your ass waiting for somebody else to make it happen. The brain needs to be active. Good Luck

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Posted by @philuser, Apr 9, 2012

To Miami:
In your age, I’m guessing you already have Andropause. Unlike menopause, though, andropause does not have a menstruation mark to determine transition. Instead, bodily changes occur very gradually, which are usually accompanied by: mood swings, fatigue, decline in the sex drive and loss of physical dexterity.
In this stage, your testosterone levels are really low so the best thing you can do is the get them back up where they’re supposed to be and to do this is with Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


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