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Posted by @jtstinga, Jan 25, 2013

I’m 43 and my doctors just told me I have really low T… Explains my sex life lately and why I am so emotional when my fellow guy friends goof on me…. Aside from gels, prescription meds, and infomercial concoctions what can I do to raise my testosterone? I have heard that these things only work so much. I’d like to take a holistic approach to this.

Any suggestions?

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Posted by @pamegannp, Apr 22, 2013

You may want to talk to your doctor about having your vitamin D levels checked. I forget the name of it, but there’s even a company now that you can order the tests from online, take it to a lab and get the results back same-day.

New research shows a connection between low vitamin D and low testosterone, as well as increased vitamin D intake and higher testosterone levels (see research here: ).

My son even claims to have experienced this effect personally. He’s 31 years old, and lost 35-40 pounds within a few months of moving from a rural, heavily wooded area where he worked an inside job to a beachfront condo where he works from home, on his balcony, in the sun (sunlight is the most natural way to obtain vitamin D in a form the body can absorb).

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