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Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Apr 1, 2020

Testing for COVID-19 is still new and many companies are trying to get better testing to us. It hasn’t been standardized as yet so things are topsy turvy with the results. It makes for a more confusing and angry time for those who have been tested. As you can read in the sites I’ll post if you have tested negative, even more than once, for COVID-19 and the results have been negative and you have the symptoms of the virus than most likely you have COVID-19.
Oh, I lied, I do know someone with COVID-19. I just stated that I didn’t in another post. A friend of mine and her husband have foregone the tests and just assume that they have it because of their symptoms. They have taken precautions and prepared for self-care during this time. I’m not necessarily in agreement with this but they have a lot of medical knowledge so I’m trusting that they will know if they need support. So what do you do if you are told to stay at home or chose to yourself?


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Hi Merry – I think the info will be helpful for many people who are trying to understand what is going on.
My RN daughter's Covid-19 test came back negative on March 22nd, but it turns out her specimen, taken March 17th, sat on a counter with a bunch of others for at least 2 days before it was tested – which they now know leads to false-negative results. She had EVERY classic symptom, and was sent home to quarantine immediately – still there after 17 days because she still has a cough and isn't willing to risk exposing anyone. A second test is not an option due to lack of sufficient lab facilities/testing media, so she is waiting to be 3 days post any symptoms.
She will be tested for antibodies very soon because her employer wants her back in hospital, but they don't have enough of those tests yet either – all too new, and moving too fast.
As manufacturing, supplies and technology are rushing to get up to speed, we all need to be patient.


– Mayo Clinic expert answers questions about COVID-19 testing | Mayo Clinic News Network https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mayo-clinic-expert-answers-questions-about-covid-19-testing/
"There has been a lot of attention given to COVID-19 testing. Mayo Clinic Laboratories has developed two different kinds of tests: one to determine if someone is actively infected with COVID-19, and another to determine if someone recently had COVID-19 and now has antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus."

Dr Poland explains more in this video


Saw this today for Minnesota. Walz announces partnership with Mayo Clinic, U of M for rapid, widespread COVID-19 testing

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