terrible pain 2yrs after TKR

Posted by sprinrosa64 @sprinrosa64, Feb 16 7:28am

Checking to see if anyone has used Desensitization Therapy, due to possible CRPS or Biofeedback to help with pain after TKR .

@sprinrosa64 Two years is a long time to have knee pain. Did your provider suggest desensitization therapy or biofeedback possible complex regional pain syndrome?

Members like @auxiliary @mr11344 @janete718 @irol @janete718 @acamel @golfshrink @wildebjef @buickturboman have recently discussed TKR and may be able to help answer your question.

May I ask what different kinds of therapy and/or treatments you have tried?


Erika,yes 2yrs 4mons is way to long. I am 64yr old male , fit and active , or I was before. Since my surgery I have had months and months of PT but never desensitization, never told about it. Instead I have had 8 different nerve block shots, nerves cut and a revision and Stemwave PNS , all with no good results. I believe I was missed handled from the very start, so now on my own I am looking into desensitization and biofeedback. Hope it not to late if it's CRPS . Any direction would be great, I am just looking to be able to walk without pain in the 8 to 9 range

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