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Temporary Hearing Loss?

Posted by @johnny1, Jul 7, 2012

Okay so I was listening to my iPod with in-ear earphones that I bought last week on at a moderately loud volume for 3-4 hours( for 2 days with one day in between). Now a few days later I feel and know my hearing is a bit muffled, just a little though. I feel a bit like my ears hurt too. And it also seems like it hasn’t gotten better. I went to the doctor today but they told me that they will have to make an appointment for me with an ear doctor/specialist on Monday. And now only thing I’m taking is Tylenol and have my surroundings be quite as possible Has this happened to you or anyone you know? What could it be? Will my hearing soon get better? Could any treatments or medicine(e.g. ear drops) help?? Please reply ASAP as I am worried sick 🙁 !!


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