Temporal Lobe Partial Complex & Depression/Anxiety

Posted by brailoo1217 @brailoo1217, May 1, 2018

I'm trying to sort some stuff out. I suffer from Anxiety, Depression, and Partial Complex Seizures(temporal lobe). My seizure threshold seems to be particularly low and sensitive. I was taking Zoloft without any problems until I had my son two years ago. Since then it's been a fight to keep taking my Zoloft without it messing with my epilepsy. My migraines are frequent and my seizures are harder to control. I'm currently maxed out on my Keppra dosage as well as taking a pretty high dose of Vimpat. My neurologist decided to wean me off of my Zoloft to get everything back under control, which has immensely helped my seizure condition(even was able to lower my vimpat dose) BUT my depression and anxiety is now horrible again. I'm having issues sleeping, my appetite is come and go, and convincing myself to go to work is a huge struggle. My neurologist isn't too keen on switching my meds around because I'm still young and my fiancé and I still would like another kid or two, so doc is trying to avoid sticking me on anything that could up the risk factors since I've already been through one high risk pregnancy. Has anybody had any luck with any other med combinations for these type of problems that aren't too harsh with pregnancies? I go back the 11th to try and figure it all out. I'm just hoping to find some sort of support or even clarity from somebody who understands it in the slightest way.

Hi @brailoo1217
Great questions regarding the management of anxiety and depression as well as seizures. I'm glad you have the seizures back under control, but can understand that finding the right combination to manage the anxiety/depression along with the seizure medication must be a challenge.

I'm tagging other members who may have thoughts to share with you, such as @shanef86 @knelson0204 @cindypekarek @bonnieh218 and @ahernandez. You may also be interested in following this discussion:
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