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Telogen effluvium

Posted by @anais, Oct 26, 2011

Hi. I think I’m suffering from telogen effluvium. I have lost a considerable amount of hair since 2009. I’m not taking any medications and all of my blood test results (blood count, iron, thyroid, hormones, etc.) are normal. I have a healthy diet and an active life style. I have recently started experimenting with Ayurvedic hair treatment to see if I can slow down/stop my hair loss. I massage my scalp with barahmi, bhringarja, and vitamin E oils everyday and have incorporated sesame seeds and oil in my daily diet. I’ve also recently quit a very stressful job in order to relax and do the things I enjoy the most: yoga and reading. Meanwhile, I continue to lose hair and haven’t seen a significant change yet. Does anyone out there suffer from telogen effluvium? And if so, what are you doing to manage it? Thanks.


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