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Telemedicine w iPodTouch/iPodteletrauma

Posted by @zgjr in Just Want to Talk, May 17, 2012

Can an iPod help save a life, in the event of acute trauma? YES!
For the last year, we are trying a pilot program in mHealth applied to telemedicine, to evaluate patients involved in acute trauma, connecting the providers at the small rural hospitals with the specialists at the trauma center, using an
iPod Touch (it could be an iPad or iPhone) over wifi. It is simple, intuitive and very inexpensive!
It could become a " game-changer" in Healthcare. Please watch the TEDx video (link attached) or Google "ipodteletrauma".
Please share with your contacts. The more it spreads, the faster this tools will become standard of care! Thanks

Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, FACS


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Posted by @zgjr, May 17, 2012

The TEDx talk is at

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