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teen depression

Posted by @yogaon, Jul 8, 2012

how can i help my 15yr son with his depression



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Posted by @marinegf, Jul 15, 2012

As a 16 year old who has gone through the darkest times in my depression I believe support and patience is key. Be willing to work through it and seek results. I’ve been going to therapy for about a year and a half now and when I got serious with getting better (from a little encouragement from my parents) things got better. I also recommend finding a psychologist who can talk about medicines that can help… I personally was TOTALLY against taking medicines in the first place but I’m glad I tried them even though it was a long trial and error=). Now I haven’t felt really depressed in months and I’ve learned ways to handle problems so that they don’t take me back where I started… I hope this helps! And I’m open for questions.


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Posted by @iisa3, Dec 15, 2012

Don’t try and get too involved though, one of my friends does that to me and I get a text every five minutes asking if I’m ok. However, Just generally being there helps

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