TBI questions, specifically about a shunt and more

Posted by kaymorann4902 @kaymorann4902, Nov 9, 2023

Hello how are you I just got a few questions, might be a long paragraph about a brain injury specifically shunt information. For example somebody got a brain injury as a baby and got a shunt which now as an adult is inactive. What does it mean if it’s inactive? Would it still need to be replaced if it gets broken even when it’s inactive? This somebody will only use Mushroom Supplements and more natural way to help heal instead of prescribed medical prescriptions, does that have a big impact? Definitely is beyond brilliant and knows so much information from basic stuff to more in depth stuff into history etc. Can this help cognitive ways mostly getting older into adult years, and what is the usual lifespan with a something like this?

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Hi Kaymor,

- I have a bicycle accident (that word takes me time over & over instill it takes me to much time) 12 years ago. I’ve lost the following:
A) Retirement at my city; forced too
B) in my past, I was teaching at 2 year college of Computer Programming that started in the mid-80’s thru 2000. That past part-time on Friday’s in evening & the day per Sats.
C) I became the manager of the cities dept as Info Technoly.
D) Close my master degree 1ebd of one class
E) and on… I lost 80% of my memory of my past years ago.

- Medicine? Yes; 3 times a day for anti-seizure.

- Information? Understanding is hard in my brain-injury. A lot of words to understand is not there for “normal” people.

- The word “paragraph” loses this word within words together

- Cognitive that’s helps people like me? I was up to a point. Over the 12 yers, I went to points, like:

#1) questions of words, to know/understand they talking to me. That was ok, but at this meeting end, she took questions of what I do or down,, inckuding: what kind of drug, like pot, cocaine, alcohol (to get drunk). It was funny and asking her the some questions like: did you smote pot for years?she was mad. She hated that.
#2) I went to another’s testing; that learned up to the top that she could help me. That took 2 years and that ended.
#3) This helped at a Denbigh House” in helped TBI people like me. My wife took me M-F from the morn ‘til ‘round 3:00 pm. And a bus, for out TBi people and went home. I spent 5-6 years ago. I used it for 5 days a week for a long time. Then it’s way better 3 days a week. Then after this was the top way. 1 day a week, for sometimes, then ended this place.

On the 1st way, started to the top that she tested me.


@kaymorann4902, I see you are asking good questions about someone you care about who is living with a brain injury. My understanding is that shunts need to be replaced. "The average lifespan of an infant’s shunt is two years. Adults and children over the age of 2 may not need a shunt replacement for eight or more years. Shunt systems require frequent monitoring and follow-up." Read more here https://www.healthline.com/health/ventriculoperitoneal-shunt#outlook

It would be best to ask the neurologist about replacement and what an inactive shunt means. Has the shunt been replaced regularly?

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