TB symptoms with clear scans

Posted by juliusknoll @juliusknoll, Nov 10, 2017

…but my body is dying rapidly now. I’ve been to Dr after Dr… Er trip after er trip and no-one will listen n help me. I have all the symptoms of TB but clear scans…. Also my TB skin test was negative… Here are pics of me from Feb to now… I’m so weak n tired. Someone please help me save my life!

I can’t upload the photo from before… But I got married n April have altogether 9children. I weighed 160 in Feb now I am 120 soaking wet. My family… My youth group… My church… And my community are routin for me I just need someone to listen… I have piercings and a ‘look’ so automatically I get sent home… Help save me #godisonthemove



Hello @juliusknoll,

First, welcome to Connect. Second, thank you for posting to the Blood Cancers & Disorders group and sharing your concerns and a bit about yourself. I can certainly hear the frustration and concern in your post, and that is normal for someone in your shoes. We have great members on Connect that share their experiences and empathy with all members.

You mentioned that you have had multiple tests but they all come back negative for TB. Have any of your physician’s mentioned what is wrong or may be wrong other than TB? Have they addressed any of your symptoms? Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose or offer medical advice on Mayo Clinic Connect, but we can help provide the resources and information to receive an appointment at Mayo Clinic. If you are willing to tell us a bit more about your tests and symptoms, I may be able to Connect you with some other members who understand what you are going through. In the meantime, would you be interested in contacting Mayo Clinic to discuss the potential of seeking an appointment at one of the three sites?

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