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Tardive Dyskinesia

Posted by @stagesinbetween, Nov 14, 2011

Last December 2010, my 24 year old daughter developed Tardive Dyskinesia after coming off Risperdal she was prescribed when diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, 8 months beforehand. Since her phycosis came back within 2 weeks of going off the medication they put her on Clozapine which is least likely to cause the movement disorder or worsen it.
To date, her doctor has her on mega vitamin doses including Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba and Niacin as well as other vitamins, all of which have shown good results in some people in studies but not her. She eats a pretty clean diet and is vegetarian.
Her neuropsychiatrist has her on Amantadine as well as Propranalol since she also has akathesia. Nothing seems to help with her involuntary movements though.
Other doctors have tried different meds including ones for Parkinson’s, epilepsy etc.
Has anyone out there been treated for this disorder, I would appreciate some feedback!
Thank you


Alex Simon

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Posted by @alexsimon, Dec 30, 2011

Hello -
I am unsure if you are aware of this but Mayo has some information online about general movement disorders available here: There is some mention of Tardive Dyskinesia.

If you are intersted in making an appointment for your daughter to see a Mayo Clinic physician, please click on the upper right hand corner of your screen – the “Request an Appointment” button.


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Posted by @stagesinbetween, Jan 5, 2012

Thank you Simon, I will look at the link.


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Posted by @calmcoolandcrazy, Jan 5, 2012

I remember someone I knew with TD. It was from Haldol. Her Dr. Had her take Benadryl everyday. It helped a lot. Although it did make her drowsy.


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Posted by @nickjr, Sep 15, 2012

I have Td and I know it is a very distressing problem. I’ve had it for 8 years. I decided contrary to the poor prognosis there is no use in giving up hope. I to am trying ginko Biloba though I found higher doses seem to bother me. I find I get relief from swimming. Though walking seems to aggravate it. I don’t know if I would recomend going it a lone. Researching and trying different things on your own which I have been doing. Since you are under the care of a ohysician. Right now I am on abilify but the symptoms did seem better when I was on closapine. The good news is I am better now then when I was first diagnosed. Right now I am taking for the td garlic ginger ginko fish oil but I just started the ginko I know how frustrating and discouraging this is but I don’t want to give up since that doesn’t accomplish anything, Good luck In your pursuit and this health challenge we are both confronted with.


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Posted by @stagesinbetween, Sep 15, 2012

Good luck to you Nickjr, I wish I could get my daughter to at least try to add fish oil to her diet but she won’t have any part of it since she’s vegetarian. Maybe someday!

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