tapering Ativan

Posted by pitilina @pitilina, Nov 12 3:57pm

Hi guys. I ve been taking Lorazepam for 5 years 1 mg before bed. I want to taper off. Do you think going to 0.5 mg is good?

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After 5 years, I'd drop down to 0.75mg for a while, not down to 0.5mg. I've not been on lorazepam steadily for more than a year at a time, but it's such a powerful Rx that I'd be very leery of dropping by 50%, esp. after 5 years.

What does your doctor recommend? ****It's really important to have their input when tapering off a controlled substance.****

Also, what are your dr.'s thoughts on OTC helpers such as Calms Forte or ashwagandha? (I'm not urging you to try either of those — just noting that both have been helpful for me on the nights that I don't take lorazepam. You and I might take lorz. for different reasons; I take it bc I have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.)

Wishing you well with this — and pls do talk to your dr.

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