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synovial cyst narrowing the spine at L4-5

Posted by @kclement in Just Want to Talk, Jun 26, 2012

I have been diagnosed with a synovial cyst which is narrowing the spinal canal at L4-5 causing a lot of pain. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this and what treatment mande it better?

Tags: back pain


Posted by @ajkd, Mon, May 30 at 2:58pm CDT

I have the same diagnosis....has anyone found successful treatment without surgery?


Posted by @franciscanhermit, Tue, May 31 at 4:41pm CDT

Does your pain exist when walking but is relieved by sitting or off your feet?


Posted by @ajkd, Tue, May 31 at 6:20pm CDT

Yes, most of the time it can be relieved by sitting. Why do you ask?


Posted by @franciscanhermit, Wed, Jun 1 at 7:37am CDT

I also have pain that is relieved by sitting or taking weight off my back.

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