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Posted by @jarmy, May 25, 2012

I am a 36 year old male in good shape I was diagnosed with NCS (neurocardiogenic syncope) in 2004 after blacking out. I have had every test under the sun and all check out OK. Since 2004, I have several recordings of my heart flat lining for about 4.5+ seconds which resulted in dizzy spells. My doctors are trying to determine if a pace maker would be helpful to me. I know my heart rate drops but I don’t know if my BP also drops. There are studies and doctors that argue for and against using pace makers for NCS. I average 2 dizzy spells a month and 1 blackout per year. I take the following meds to help keep my NCS in check: 1 20mg Lexapro, 2 Floranefs and 2 salt tabs. I am currently trying to get an appt at Mayo for additional help. Any words if wisdom are greatly appreciated!



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Posted by @backyardgardener, Sep 16, 2012

Words of wisdom from a friend of mine who is also a physician:

“You died for seconds. Why did your heart start again? Why not 80 seconds? You had to have a pacemaker.”

I too am young and had a hard time wrapping my head around the need for a pacemaker. I’d never had heart disease and now my electrical system wasn’t working right. l had similar symptoms over a long period of time and after having multiple EKGs, echos, a stress test, holter monitors, trips to the ER via ambulance and overnight hospital stays we still had no answers. I had nausea, dizziness, near syncope and syncope. The last time I managed to pull my car over and park, had the doctor on the phone and they called the ambulance while I passed out. In my state that means it’s illegal to drive. My cardiologist ordered a 30 day event monitor and within 24 hours we had proof of multiple cardiac pauses. The longest was 8 seconds. A pacemaker was the only option.

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