Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Sun, Nov 24 4:30pm

On NPR, and a fictional show, and a talk show this past week the themes was doctors hearing whatever they hear, maybe because of training or whatever is current and popular ; but not necessarily what one is coming to them for : HELP.

One of the shows mentioned “ second opinions “ and raised the question of the purpose of the second opinion. At least in part you’re looking for new eyes and a different point of view as well as a new assessment and explanation.

I’m thankful to the person and people who helped me with the Mayo Clinic story about Hyperparathyroidism
I think it was another Veteran who was insistent that I read specific and particular parts of the article.

I’m not sure that this is what I have but my VA doctor was willing to listen to my case history and found missing information so he is willing to revisit some of the testing.

I’ve lost my voice as well as have horribly impaired vision.

I did not ask him to give me an exact list of what he wants to do because the VA has gotten so screwed up in an attempt to allow us to see private providers. A week has passed and I received 6 phone calls during my one hour therapy session. Trying to return those calls have come up empty. I called my private doc asking him if he could make the appointments for Medicare. He was happy to but the VA has not returned his calls. Friday with some help from another former soldier who now works for the VA she got me thru to ENT next apt is Dec 21.
I’m not sure waiting that long will serve me because I seem to be suffering from a rapid decline.

Any suggestions?

@stuckonu Ask to be placed on a cancellation list. That is, if an opening comes up, they call you to fill it in. It may work. You might call your primary and see if there is any way for him/her to expedite the appt. Losing your voice and impaired vision can't be any fun. Any other symptoms, that might point to an allergy attack, reaction to an environmental prompt, or winter cold/flu? Does gargling with warm salt water help your voice? Eye drops or compresses helping your eyes?

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