Post COVID-like symptoms that only appear when I catch a cold

Posted by nywvfl @nywvfl, Jun 26, 2022

First caught Covid in January 2022. Mild sinus symptoms only

The 1st cold I had post Covid I developed thumb, forearms, biceps on fire with the mildest resistance (As if I had to toss cinderblocks all day long, the soreness you’d expect after a day like this). This lasted one week and resolved when cold got better

Now I have a cold. And have bilateral foot tingling or the last 5 days

Both of these are new experiences for me and have only occurred while having another virus. Otherwise I’ve been asymptomatic

Wondering f if anyone else has experienced symptoms like this?
Or odd symptoms that occur when catching another virus

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@nywvfl, that's an interesting hypothesis: the common cold virus activates neurological, almost COVID-like, symptoms.

I wonder if you could clarify a few things:
Did you have long haul COVID symptoms or no long lasting COVID-related symptoms?
The symptoms you're experiencing with a cold, did you have the same symptoms during your COVID infection?


Colleen, thanks for the reply

I had no long lasting Covid symptoms.
I also never had either of these symptoms during my bout with Covid.

They are very new symptoms to me. I’m speculating there is a correlation between having recently having Covid and some type of new hypersensitivity that is exacerbated with these last 2 cold viruses

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