Symptoms: Could this be Parkinson's?

Posted by kati612 @kati612, Oct 10, 2018

I would love some input. I have a slight tremor/twitch in my head/neck that appears to have gotten slightly worse.
Then in the last couple weeks I have been light headed in addition to the tremor.
My hands do not appear to have a tremor.
What are your thoughts on the possibility of this being Parkinson’s?

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Hello @kati612 , I see that you just recently joined Connect and I'd like to welcome you to the Parkinson's (PD) discussion group.

As you may know, Connect is not a place where he can offer diagnoses, we just share member-to-member, about our personal experiences. However, I did find an explanation of the common symptoms of PD as listed in Mayo Clinic's website. Here is the link,

I encourage you to read this article and take a look at these symptoms and see how many apply to you. If you still feel this might be PD then please remember that it is always your right to get a second opinion. I would highly recommend seeing a movement disorder specialist. These are neurologists who are specifically trained to diagnose and treat disorders like PD.

If you care to share more, what other symptoms are you having? Any problems with gait (walking), foot dropping (or dragging), balance problems, visual problems?


That isn’t how it started with me, but everyone has a different experience.

I’d really suggest you see a neurologist. Then you can get an educated diagnosis if it is and relief if it isn’t.

Good luck.



Thank you for the input. I will look into a neurology appointment. I’m scared and just do not know why this has started suddenly.


Hi Kati612. I understand your feeling scared. I felt the same way and my symptoms just seemed to “come out of the blue”. With being on Sinemet my symptoms have all disappeared and my pain is significantly better. I totally agree that one should see a neurologist. The worst thing was not knowing. All the best to you.

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