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swollen stomach with frequent pain

Posted by @pticurious, Sep 22, 2017

For almost a year, I have this condition, where with swollen stomach I have frequent pains and limited food intake. Went thru’ X-Ray, cat scan, MRI (???) no diagnosis. The local GI experts unable to diagnose nor treat.


Hello @pticurious, So glad that you found Mayo Connect. Sorry to hear you are having such terrible issues and what makes it worse, no answers why.
I really hope they can get to the bottom of this soon so that you can start feeling better. I know what it’s like to not know what is causing your pain and no answers or treatment.

How long have the GI doctors been working to find out why this is happening? Other than the diagnostics are they treating your condition in any way?

Hope you feel better soon, looking forward to your reply,

Hello @pticurious, Let me add my welcome to Mayo Connect as well.

I would also invite you to look at a previous Mayo Connect conversation on abdominal bloating, and also As you can see from looking at these posts this is a problem that many of our Members have faced. I hope that you are able to find some help.

In reading your post, I was wondering if the swollen abdominal and limited food intake are a constant problem or does it come and go? If the problem is intermittent rather than continuous have you been able to find any correlation between food intake, exercise, etc?


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