Switching from SSRI to SNRI

Posted by sandiegan1972 @sandiegan1972, Oct 3, 2019

On Lexapro (10/15mg) – 2006 to 2010 for Anxiety, took moderate Benzos
Celexa (20/30mg) from 201o to 2018 for Anxiety, took moderate Benzos
Major relationship life event in December 2018.
Continued with Celexa (30mg) and Klonopin (2-3mg) or Xanax (2 mg/day)
Switched to Lexapro in March (upto 12.5mg) and Klonopin (2-3mg) or Xanax (2 mg/day)
Switched to Zoloft in August (it was terrible, I think due to fast increase)
Back on Lexapro and Xanax. Cannot tolerate Lexapro beyong 10mg – not sure why. Taking small 12.5mg dose of Seroquel (Quetiapine ) for sleep
Changed pdoc. Diagnosed with GAD and MDD
Doc wants to try SNRI (either Cymbalta or Pristiq)
Any experiences with those meds? (I have heard SNRI increase anxiety, but pdoc assured wont be the case for me). Should I go very slow?

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SSRI almost always increase anxiety at first. If you have cholesterol problems discuss this with your doctor before using Pristiq. It can make your levels go haywire.

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