Switching from a generic “Cipralex” into the brand name itself

Posted by aliali @aliali, Apr 11, 2019

I am going very well with the generic Cipralex [ made in KSA] but is about to be out of stock and alternative is to be sought. HOW IS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE SWITCH FOR A GENERIC TO A BRAND NAME? Actually I can’t find this topic on Google; the topic I found is the switch from BRAND NAME TO GENERIC; but I am inquiring about the exact OPPOSITE! Did you experience a depression relapse OR the antidepressant withdrawal symptoms?

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Hi, @aliali – I'd like to bring a few members into this discussion who have talked about escitalopram/cipralex (Lexapro) and see if any of them have experience switching from the generic form to a brand name or any other input, like @wigreenthumb @bruce0712 @jjej @guener @wmontalvo1. @merpreb may also have some thoughts for you.

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