Swelling sensation

Posted by bdb2r @bdb2r, Oct 29, 2019

Hello, my husband is suffering with a swollen sensation from behind his scrotum to his anus. He says he feels as if he's sitting on a large ball. It's constant. When he's walking, standing, sitting and lying down. This is a very uncomfortable feeling for him. He has hospital stays andnumerous doctors visits. No one can seem to figure this out. When he has to have bowel movements, he's got to almost run to bathroom. He also has problems with holding his gas. (Very embarrassing for him) He has also become impotent. . He is getting so frustrated. No one can put a finger on this issue!! PLEASE HELP!!

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Hi @bdb2r that sounds so upsetting for your husband and it must be upsetting for you as well as you watch him struggle in multiple ways with no answers.

If I am understanding you correctly, there is no visible swelling behind his scrotum to his anus, but there is a swelling sensation present. Has he had any potential gastrointestinal problems ruled out since he is having bowel movement issues as well?


Hi bdb2r, Your description of the area of the pain places the pain in the area of nerves that exert sharp pain at the point of my ejaculation. As the seman pushes out my penis a sharp pain is triggered in the nerves behind the scrotum but in front of the anus. I have always concluded that the pain was natural and expected. I wish that the ejaculation were still possible at age 76, I would be happy to put up with the pain. I hope that I can get back to those good times.

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