Swelling all over

Posted by Lisa @techi, Apr 24, 2019

Last week my cardiologist put me on a new high blood pressure med. And the doctors don't understand that l am not trying to be condescending but l do know my own body. So l told him l am allergic to so many meds it's just trail and error. So he looked at my chart and asked me the reaction to the allergies. I couldn't give him answers to most of them because either l was unconscious and my family told me my reactions. Or it been such along time l don't remember but l know l had a reaction. So anyway he gave me the medicine with hctz. And l couldn't take meds with that because l would bruise. The pharmacist made me aware of my allergies to hctz. Praise God finally the pharmacy was taking an action but she said it was ok because it was a low dose and if l had a reaction to take benedryl. But she didn't see l can't take that because l am allergic to acetaminophen. But l am noticing my throat is swollen all over and my stomach is bloated and my whole body is inflamed. I don't know if its acid reflux or my liver. And l am having problems swollening. And l know l need a diuretic to drain the fluid retention. Has anyone had this problem? I tried to call my pulmonologist but then l said should l talk to the rheumatologist because l don't currently have a gastroenterologist. I have an appointment in May.

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Lisa, I am sad to hear of your continuing difficulties. It sounds like these symptoms have started with the new medicine. Is that correct? Sometimes when I start a new medicine, I will call my pharmacist to inquire about uncomforterable or questionable side effects. He is usually able to give me advice about whether it is a temporary issue, or he tells me to call my doctor who prescribed it. Have you checked with pharmacist?


What was the new medication for your blood pressure? I've used Triamtrene/HCTZ for years as needed and every year my doctor would mention wanted to put me on something else. I finally agreed and within 2 days of taking it my body had retained some much fluid and my blood pressure actually went up a little every day I was on it. When it got into the 150's, I stopped taking it and when I contacted the doctor about it she said I needed to take 2 tablets instead of 1. I said there's no way I'm going to do that. Started my old Triamtrene/HCTZ the next day and everything went back to normal within a few days.

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