Successfully off of antidepressants for more than 5 years

Posted by suzannetherese @suzannetherese, Oct 12, 2019

Hi everyone – Are you aware of anyone who had been on antidepressants more then 5 years who succeeded getting through withdrawals and is off the medication totally.

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I have been on one anti-depressant or another for about 30 years. I have never gotten off any one of them, but have changed from one drug to another, with little difficulty, or great difficulty, depending on the drug. Is there some reason that your physician/psychiatrist is urging you to cease the drug protocol? Just concerned and semi-experienced. Best of luck to you. Please have your medical professional orchestrate this, if it is appropriate. I have dysthymia, so I have a constant level of depression, and I doubt I will ever not be dependent on medication. My life is good. Very few major depression flare ups…
Take care of you,

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