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Surviving Toxic Shock Syndrome and the aftermath

Posted by @meese in About Kids & Teens, Dec 22, 2011

I had Toxic Shock Syndrome in 1991 and have been diagnosed with several issues since then that they are contributing to that problem. I'm wondering if anyone else are having these types of issues. My TSS was very severe. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask.

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Posted by @genesistkd, Jul 20, 2012

I had TSS in 2002,I stayed in the hospitol for 10 days.My sysrem was shutting down until the 3rd day they finally found the problem.My question is to you Meese,''Have you had comlications since your TSS?''I have joint pain all over and spells of flu like symptoms that last for weeks at a time with severe fatigue.All this started around the time I had TSS.The Rhematologist has and is still running test for autoimmune diseases as they are hard to detect and diagnose.Just currious if you are experienceing the same as I.Thank you

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