Survived Cardiac arrest and Leukemia. Now I'm facing Divorce

Posted by ericawt @ericawt, Feb 4, 2016

I’m not doing a great job of facing the fears of losing the security of the marriage benefits ie his health insurance and his pension if/when my ex predeceases me. We’ve been separated for several years and he needs to complete the separation with the divorce, I get that. My future should not seem so scary after all the trial by fire I’ve been through! I’m 61, on disability and have a meaningful life. I’d love to hear other’s experiences, strengths and hopes.

Hi @ericawt,
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I’d like to introduce you to @sotired who posted here I’m also tagging @michlarue into this discussion as she may wish to join in.

When you’ve already had intense dealings with the healthcare system, it is scary to lose the security of health insurance and pension. What options do you have?

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