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surgeons with experience on the hypoglossal nerve (schwannoma removal)

Posted by @tarat, Mar 21, 2017

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with a schwannoma on my hypoglossal nerve, I am in search for a surgeon with experience working with this nerve to preserve as much tongue function as possible after surgery, I am lost on how to find the right doctor and the best care. Most ENT surgeons I read about are more focused on thyroid tumors and other skull based procedures. no one with direct experience with the hypoglossal nerve.


Hello @tarat and Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!

Thank you for posting your question here. One of the best advantages in our community is that we are able to learn from others posts, comments and conversations. Right now we don’t have any community members here discussing your type of schwannoma. However, when we do have that new member join that is looking for someone with a hypoglossal schwannoma diagnosis, I will be sure to connect them with you.

@tarat, if you don’t mind sharing, what symptoms were you experiencing when you consulted your physician? How have you been managing symptoms and diagnosis thus far?

Here is a link to make an appointment with one of our Head and Neck ENT surgeons. This appointment link will be a good place for you to call and inquire about surgeon specialties. Please keep us updated with how you are doing!

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