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Posted by @kidney in Transplants, Jan 7, 2012

does any body know where there is a support group the east side of Phoenix for those of us that work during the day. need a group that meets at night like at 6:30 or later. one that meets like on a friday or saturday night would be great tnx.I need to talk to some one who had a kidney transplant. and if any body has chrons and had a transplant that would be so helpfull.

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Posted by @marleyaz, May 2, 2012

Hi There, I dont know any support groups on the east side but you might want to check with the local hospitals. I live west of glendale but would be glad to talk and support you in any way. my second transplant is 10 years going, and though I have had many, many surgerys "not due to kidney" I spend alot of time doing research on other diseases that my family might have and one is chrons. I sit in the hospital this week because of a gi problem that hasnt been figured out, they say gallbladder, i say different lol Your kidney is alot tougher than people give credit to. Ive had brain tumors, pancreas surgury, hyst, and many more and my kidney is great!


Posted by @alexsimon, Aug 29, 2012

In talking with the Kidney Foundation people, the only things they could offer up are these:

A “Hope Line” that is an online resource: 1-800-579-1970.
An online renal support group for patients across the country:

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