Brain Tumor Support Groups

Posted by mikeshaw28 @mikeshaw28, May 9 1:41pm

My father was recently diagnosed with a stage 3 glioma tumor. I am looking for support groups for him and my family so he does not get down on himself and stop fighting. Making some friends going through similar situations might help him.

Hello @mikeshaw28 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. How great of you to seek out support groups, such as this Brain Tumor Support Group right here on Connect for your father following his diagnosis.

There are several discussions that he can explore right from within this group and also is able to create a new one of nothing matches what he is looking for. Please invite him to join and we can work to get him connected to others with similar experiences in discussions that are relevant.

As for you and other family members, I might suggest exploring the Caregivers Group where you can connect with others who understand what you are going through while walking this journey with your father.

– Caregivers Group:
Is he interested in connecting with others or is this a suggestion you plan to make?


Hello @mikeshaw28 Nice to e-meet you here on Mayo Clinic Connect. I am Scott and 'found' Connect while I was my wife's caregiver during her 14+ year war with brain cancer. I was in search of a community I could interact with at any time of the day or night and at my own pace. Connect filled all those needs for me and also offered a safe and open environment to discuss my concerns as well as those of my wife's.

While I certainly understand that everyone's journey and experiences with cancer are unique, as are those of the their caregivers, I found lots of support, ideas, tips, and more that helped both of us.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. I believe you will find this a very helpful community!

Strength, courage, and peace

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