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Superior Messentric artery syndrome

Posted by @jobones94, Jan 30, 2013

I have been throwing up blood and bile on and off for 5 years. I am tiny to begin with but lose at least 10lbs everytime I get sick. This last time i threw up for 19 days before I went to our ER. They have sent me home every time tellin me there’s nothing wrong.I have been made to feel like it’s all in my head. My whole family thought i was going to die this last Nov. I was sick the entire month and hospitalized for 5 days. They finally caught it on a CT scan. Now I have been gaining the weight back and looking healthy but am stressed to the max. I need help from a surgeon as I also have 40 plus ulcers at the top of my stomach. Having SMA only adds to whats going on and it seems noonewill go in and remove these ulcers or anything and I am on like 5 meds for the ulcers and I still have stabbing pain two months later. Maybe some DR. will see this and help me cause I am begging for it as Im afraid the next attack I have will end me.


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